The Year Till Now

I will briefly tell about my year till now. Now you might be saying to yourself, "Why would I want to know?" Well, I don't know. You are the one who chose to read this I guess. And don't worry. Considering, I am unwillingly a geek, it hasn't been too uninteresting an year till now.

Its 1st of January. Happy New Year. The cold morning with the embracing sunlight promising a bright future. Well what can be more wonderful! And at the same time the most awaited time for me every year....
Oh sorry!! I am supposed to briefly say. Right. Lets get this done then. No more poetic description.

So, like all years, January 1st to 7th are dedicated to Rong Mati Manush, an annual art exhibition by my uncle's art institute, Jhargram. One of the happiest 7days of my life. 7 days of complete enthusiasm with no politics involved. Everyone working and enjoying only for the sake of love they have for each other and thats what really matters I guess. This isn't just an event. This is a festival, a re-union, a get together. These 7 days it feels like the devil inside me goes on a vacation somewhere and its the angel functioning all together. Teaching village kids various craftworks to serving foods to guest, its a fun time all together. But the worst day is 8th January. Not only it marks the end of this festival but it also means that I need to go back to Hostel, to the poor Mess Food, to the days cramped with classes.

So 1go back to college on 10th but unlike other years, this year it is a bit different. I will be going to Mumbai on 12th January, my first flight journey alone. Is it such a big thing? Well I dont know. But I like thinking it that way. Makes it sound interesting. So right after reaching college I pack my bags and leave for Mumbai. But to reach Mumbai airport I need to reach Allahabad airport. And unlike all the experiences I thought would surprise me, the visit to Allahabad airport was the one which surprised the hell out of me. THIS IS AN AIRPORT!! THIS IS SMALLER THAN OUR COLLEGE AUDITORIUM!!! Anyways, I started thinking maybe the 7 years that I haven't taken a flight have made me forget the actual size of airports. And then I land in Delhi and I am like WHAT THE FUCK!!! THIS IS AN AIRPORT!! THIS IS BIGGER THAN ANYTHING I CAN IMAGINE!!! Anyways I reach Mumbai late at night around 10 p.m. Next day, I was going to attend office for the very first time in my life. So, I go to sleep early. At 3.30 a.m.

Now for those of you who are wondering you got a job? You are in 3rd year now right? You planning to leave college or what?? Well hold on guys. Nothing so interesting. Its just a 1 month project that I am doing for a company, Qyuki, based in Mumbai. Now before I start babbling about my project, I will stop right here and say I can't say anything about it. ITS A SECRET. But I can talk about the amazing people I got to work with there. They were the nicest and coolest people I have worked with in an office. Oh, wait. They are the only people I have worked with in an office. But honestly, they were super nice to me whether it was celebrating my birthday or providing free lunch occasionally. I can't praise them much because I don't have a good vocabulary in adjectives. But I did feel a little bit sad while getting on my flight back.

Now here I was back at college. Remember how I said that it was very sad returning to college, to the poor mess food, to days cramped with classes? Well forget that. It was the nostalgia speaking. College life is one of the best time, obviously excluding the mess food. That seriously is bad. Its almost like 10 layers of bricks then 10 layers of shit and then theres mess food. But friends in college and the internet counterparts that quite beautifully. More internet than friends though.

Well amidst all the things, I forgot to say another wonderful thing that happened to me while I was in Mumbai. Well not what you are thinking. Not so interesting as well.. I got an invitation to go to Goa at February for GDG India Summit. This was going to be my first GDG Summit. So I was super excited. I had to take my flight to Goa from Lucknow and Lucknow is the hometown of one of my best friends. So, I went along with to his house a night before. His parents were so cool, I felt almost at home. "Almost" because his mother loved to cook and feed others. And when I tell love, I dont think I am explaining it correctly. I have never eaten so much in my life. I could have stayed without food for a week it seemed. Next day I took a flight to Goa. Here I got to meet new wonderful developers and also to know a lot of GDG as a community. What could have been better? Well you must be thinking. Dude, its Goa!! There has to have happened something!! Well yeah it did. I had possibly the multi-cuisine food along with starters and desserts after a pretty long time. Well, what? You were expecting something else? Come on, what can be more interesting than Food?? Atleast for a geek. There aren't too many options you know.. :P

Well after these events, its the exams. And I would rather skip that part just like I do with all the studies associated with it. But exams always makes me happy. Because the end of exam means its time to go home. Home. The only paradise on earth. Food cooked with lots of love added to it by Mother. The touching advice and support of Father. In fact sometimes I feel maybe it is the only paradise. How can there be a better paradise than this? It can't.

After returning from home, it was Aparoksha time. Aparoksha the technical fest of IIIT Allahabad. Well, college fests as most of you reading this know are spicier than a Rohit Shetty movie. It has politics, sad moments, happy moments, rivalry, scandals, great achievements and lots more. But a great thing that happened this year in Aparoksha was Hack In The North. It was a hackathon organised by students, with over 300 registrations. Well, I guess I would write a separate post for that. Too much to say here.

Oh My GOD!!! This blog is already so big!!! Why didn't someone stop me!! O, I guess 4th Dimesion didn't allow you. Well I won't go much further down the 4th Dimension and end my blog here. What? You didn't like it? Too many grammatical mistakes? Spelling Mistakes? No fun? Well, its MY BLOG!!! What did you expect?! If you didn't like it don't even bother to tell me. And if you do tell me, say that you liked it.. 

Goodbye. And as of all the grammatical and spelling errors, well, goodnight to Wren & Martin and RIP Oxford Dictionary.


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