GSOC 2016 : Selection

Finally, the day I was waiting for arrived. It was Friday night, 12.30a.m. when my friend came running to my home.

"Dude, we both are selected!!", he said.
"You serious?!!!", I asked
"Yes!!", He replied.

I quickly refreshed my google summer of code dashboard. There it showed. I have been selected for GSOC 2016. Finally the hard work paid off. Half of me was still unable to belief that I got selected!! I checked it again and again. All these months of development without following the crowd to study for placement and competitive coding did pay off. First thing I did was call my mother and give her the good news. And then came all the notifications and messages. But more than everything was the feeling inside my heart that I did get selected for GSOC. My dream since 1st year. And even better was that both me and my friend got selected.

I started working for FOSSASIA from September 2015. At the beginning, it was just attempts to setup their project, follow their conversation in IRC and gitter. Then I slowly attempted to solve issues and then it was complete dedication thereafter. I had contributed to many other organisations such as jQuery, Wikimedia, but FOSSASIA were really supportive and I really enjoyed working with them. In December, they gave me the opporunity to become the Mentor of Google Code-in which was a great experience in itself. They have always been supportive with the several questions I had, guiding me through quality development processes. Really enjoyed my time working with them. And would surely continue contributing even after GSOC because Open Source is something that I really feel close to now.

Now, its time for community bonding, and then coding and hard work. Hopefully, I would be able to cater and show my worth and complete this GSOC successfully. Thanks to my parents, all my friends, my juniors and some of the teachers for being supportive when I chose to take an unconventional path rather than following the crowd. Your support meant a lot. Hoping to make you all proud of me.


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